Can you purchase a medicare supplement plan if you had pre-existing condition?

Pre-existing medical conditions are referred to those which you have prior to beginning with your health benefits. As far as medicare supplement plans are concerned, the pre-existing health condition is referred to the one that you have before beginning with your medical supplement plan. If you have an original medicare plan, you may get to enjoy the additional benefits with it. Also, it tends to offer all necessary requirements in case of pre-existing condition. Therefore, if you have been thinking to buy a medicare supplement plan, you will need to be a little considerate about the eligibility procedure.


How can pre-existing conditions have an effect on the Medicare supplement plan eligibility?

Although the Medicare supplement plans follow the governmental regulations, they are basically offered by the private institutes. The Medicare supplement plans are usually named depending on the standard letter across the board. But, the charges of premium for the Medigap plans usually vary from one place to another. The difference in price also depends on the location and company from which you will be purchasing it. Basically, for the same coverage you will have to pay different charges.

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Some of the medicare supplement plan insurance companies have their own procedure of charging the premiums. They look into a lot of factors before actually determining the rate of the premium. Also, the price of the premium keeps on increasing each year which is why you should choose your plan wisely. As a result, you should prefer to look up for references. With the presence of internet, things have become pretty easy and therefore you can easily check and compare the premium rate of different companies in your area. Nonetheless, if you do not do a proper research, you will end up paying more than required.


Do the Plans cover pre-existing conditions?

If you are enrolling for the Medicare supplement plan after the expiry of Open Enrollment Period, the medicare insurance company will refuse to pay for it. This is standardized by the law. This period usually lasts for six months and is referred to as pre-existing conditions waiting period. This is applicable to all the health conditions that you have been diagnosed with ever since the beginning of the coverage start date. The waiting period can be avoided too if you have the coverage period before the six months. Almost all the health coverage will be considered to be valid if you do not have a break in the coverage for maximum 63 days.