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"Lies My Father Told Me"

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This heart-warming Canadian film classic set in the 1920's Jewish immigrant community of Montreal is seen primarily through the eyes of David, an impressionable six-year-old boy. David lives with his Canadian-born parents and his grandfather "Zaida", a junk peddler who emigrated from Russia.
David's father is a modern materialistic man who dreams of striking it rich by designing unique inventions. Zaida, on the other hand, is a humble man who works hard and maintains a traditional lifestyle and religious beliefs. Intuitively, David responds to his grandfather's love. Every Sunday, David travels the back alleys of Montreal with Zaida and his horse and cart.
"New" world contrasts with old, as David's father and his grandfather respond to David's questions and life's challenges very differently.
Winner of the 1976 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film

Time and Place

April 15, 2012
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Barbara and Allen Tate Hall, Overcash C
1201 Elizabeth Avenue


Hosted By

Charlotte Jewish Film Festival & CPCC's Sensoria

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