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Bridges Out of Poverty Day 1 Part 1

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BRIDGES OUT OF POVERTY, Day 1 - Class Matters opens up the different world of people in poverty, revealing how the survival-based mentality of poverty impacts learning, work habits, and decision-making. Recent research has provided a deeper understanding of how people in poverty face challenges virtually unknown to those in middle class or wealth – challenges from both obvious and hidden sources. You will learn the “hidden rules” of poverty, middle class, and wealth – and the assumptions which people in middle class bring to encounters with people in poverty. You will discover how grief and trauma keep many people locked in poverty. And you will begin to explore practical yet compassionate strategies for engagement that can have positive impact on people’s lives.

Time and Place

March 12, 2011
9:00am - 12:00pm
Christ Lutheran Church
4519 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC 28226
$20 book, no cost w/book

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This training offers participants the opportunity to explore personal biases and beliefs about poverty and wealth and come to better understanding of how people from different backgrounds look at the world in different ways. Understanding can help us respect all people and build bridges across classes for the betterment of all and our community. I highly recommend this training for all.

Amy Daniels Posted: 5 yearss ago
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