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Levine Museum of the New South

The Levine Museum of the New South strives to engage a broad-based audience in the exploration and appreciation of the diverse history of the South since the Civil War, with a focus on Charlotte and the surrounding Carolina Piedmont.

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Changing Places: From Black & White to Technicolor

This exhibit highlights stories of newcomers and long-time residents and efforts to address the cultural challenges of our region's growing diversity. Sections of the exhibit showcase efforts to communicate across barriers of language and culture, to move past stereotypes, to find ways to maintain family & community traditions in new situations, and to mobilize diverse groups to work towards common goals.

Speaking of Change

This facilitated dialogue program is designed to connect individuals and groups in new ways and debrief the emotions, thoughts and understandings brought about by the 'Changing Places: From Black & White to Technicolor' exhibit.

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