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UNC Charlotte offers internationally competitive programs of research and creative activity, exemplary undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, and a focused set of community engagement initiatives. UNC Charlotte maintains a particular commitment to addressing the cultural, economic, educational, environmental, health, and social needs of the greater Charlotte region.

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Curriculum Development & Diversity Initiative

The UNC Charlotte Crossroads Charlotte program has adopted four major goals: • To introduce themes of access, inclusion, and equity into the curriculum. Currently, a Crossroads curriculum as been developed and taught for two courses, Freshman Seminar and Citizenship. Next steps include the development of a Crossroads certificate program. • To connect UNC Charlotte’s extensive research resources to address issues of access, inclusion, and equity within Charlotte. Last Fall, UNC Charlotte Crossroads conducted a Cultural and Historical Tour of Charlotte for new faculty. Currently, UNC Charlotte Crossroads and faculty in the Department of Geography are engaged in two research projects on issues of increasing access, inclusion, and equity. Next steps include creating a Crossroads Symposium in September 2009 to present and generate interest in Social Capital research issues. • To engage students and faculty in the civic life of Charlotte by creating service learning opportunities designed to reduce barriers to access, inclusion, and equity. The UNC Charlotte Crossroads initiative has generated numerous service learning opportunities for students including the funding of a Crossroads Fellowship that was completed by a senior in the College of Business at Crisis Assistance Ministry and the adoption of the Sunridge YWCA afterschool program. • To support diversity initiatives on campus. Through an extensive year-long process, UNC Charlotte engaged the Crossroads consultants to develop UNC Charlotte’s own scenarios. The scenarios are used as a discussion platform to engage the campus in a broad dialogue about diversity and the campus community.

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