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Team Up with Others Around a Common Purpose

Groups are collectives of individuals with a common purpose or association. They can be individuals who work for the same company, a group of friends, or people with a common interest. Invite your friends or coworkers to join your Crossroads Charlotte group!

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What are the Categories?

Business Groups are groups that have employees (a company, university, hospital) or may also refer to people who work in the same field (architects, a Chamber of Commerce).

Community Groups are groups that originate around a location, like neighborhood, school or church groups.

Interest Groups are groups that share a similar hobby, issue or concern, like Baseball or the Environment.

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Imagine Our Tomorrow

Crossroads Charlotte presents four stories based on real data about Charlotte's future and asks the community to Imagine Our Tomorrow and respond to the stories.

Act Today

Crossroads Charlotte offers numerous ways for citizens to get involved in our community and help shape Charlotte's future. Act Today and make a difference.