Claim Versus Personal Responsibility

Claim refers to a person’s privilege when it comes to prerogative. However, this definition has been deleted from claims such as Social Security or Medicare: “I’ve paid in, and now the government pays off,” or claims like “Give it to me, because I want/need/deserve it now.” The latter may arise, because there is a literal need – hungry children – that translates to a literal want – we must have food on our shelves – and then to an entitlement attitude – you do not want us starving, do you? We are entitled just because we have an entitlement.

There are many claims in this country, from food stamps, to rent reductions or additional income, to income-earned credit, to salary and income deductions. I do not begrudge anyone these services. I only hope that after receiving these people they will work to find independence and personal responsibility. In this way the claim is a tool and not a permanent crutch.

Self-responsibility means that effort, hard work, and training or education have paid off with monetary rewards. I can buy food for my family because I have a job that I strive for; always arrive early and (if necessary) work overtime to meet my requirements.

I do not call on the phone to say I’m sick, I have a rainy day fund and plan my finances so that every day, every week and every month is healthy and happy. When offered a bonus for work done, I accept it and use it to get ahead, rather than wasting it and asking how my family and I will survive until the next paycheck. Find a plan with Mutual and other carriers @

Self-responsibility also means that I know and appreciate claims and use them as necessary for personal well-being. For example, the Food Bank offers fresh produce once a month, so I take advantage of it. I also volunteer to help with the meal service, and I have a clear sense of earning this reward. I do not judge others about this wonderful food because I know that times are hard and that they can come to anyone. I just hope that those who simply receive without trying to repay will find a way to make their lives stronger and better by learning the routine for payback.

I know several relatives who are reaping the benefits of Medicare, a clear state authorization. No matter how hard they argue that they paid into the service and deserved it, I know they never paid the $ 100,000 required for open heart surgery. I do not deny the medical and financial support they have received, but I want these family members to do two things.

They have to admit that this is a privilege and that it was partly “earned”, but not completely earned.

Secondly, I would like them to take responsibility for making some lifestyle changes related to the operation, eg. life stress, diet, exercise, and reducing intensity, and following post-operative instructions. That only makes sense to me and can prevent a return to the hospital.

Which Medicare supplement plan should you choose? Plan G or Plan F?

Although there are 10 Medicare supplement plans as standardized by letters, but out of them the Plan G, Plan F and Plan N happen to be the most famous ones. But, people are often confused about which plan to choose, Plan F or plan G, because both of them have same coverages. However, there is a slight difference in the premium too. There is only a certain criteria in which the Plan G may be different from that of Plan F. Nonetheless, understanding the benefits of each of the Medicare supplement plans can help to distinguish and determine which one is the best for you.


Benefits of Medicare Plan F can be found here

Out of all the ten plan, the Medicare Plan F covers most of the arenas. This plan covers most of the parts of Part A as well as Part B. Some of the prominent benefits of the Medicare plan F include


  • Deductible and coinsurance of Part A.
  • Co-payment and coinsurance of Part B.
  • Deductibles for Part B.
  • The extra or additional charges for Medicare Part B.
  • 80% of the emergency in the foreign travel.
  • First three pints of blood.
  • Hospital expenses related to Part A
  • Medical expenses related to Medicare Part B


Benefits of medicare Plan G

The benefits of Medicare Plan G are very much similar to that of Plan F. However, the only difference is that Part B deductible is not included in plan F. Also, the premium charges for Medicare Plan G is very less than that of Plan F. Despite Part B deductible option not being available, the insurers will be able to save money because of low premium.


Which plan is the best for you?

The month premium charge for the Medicare supplement plan will be dependant on a number of factors such as age, gender and more. Plan G is affordable due to less premium. But, Plan F is expensive since is offers full coverage. It is for this reasons that a number of people choose Plan F over Plan G.


However, before you make any decision you should understand the terms and coverages for the Medicare supplement plan. Also, make sure to check for your lifestyle and health conditions to determine if which plan will the best for you. To determine all these factors, you should prefer consulting an expert agent. They will not only explain to you the benefits but also help you choose the best for you.

Benefits of working with Medicare supplement plan agent

People often have a tough time deciding, which medicare supplement plan to choose. Also, the process of choosing is different for all since the needs are often different. First of you, you need to determine which plan is the best for you and analyze all the legal rules that will be held valid. Also, you need to determine the process of working of Medicare supplement plans and how they can be compatible with original medicare. After you’re are doe determining, you can start up with the whole process. However getting in touch with an agent can prove to be pretty beneficial.


An agent will save time

The process of choosing Medigap plans can be pretty confusing. Therefore, people who are new to this will unnecessarily waste time determining what is the best for they. Most of the times it happens that even after trying, people do not understand the complete thing. But, when you are in touch with a medicare supplement agent, you will not need to conduct any research. They will help you with understanding the process so that you do not spend time on any unnecessary research.


Save money at

If you are believing that you need to pay the agents for their work, you do not. Since they are paid directly from the insurance agencies, you won’t be required to pay ev n a dime for all the services they will be providing. If you have been working with any independent medicare supplement agent, you should know that they work with multiple companies. Therefore, they will make it easy for you to compare between the different plans. Moreover your agent will help you get the best plan at the lowest rate.


Prevent from overpaying

The price of the coverage increases each year. Hence, it often feels like it is becoming tough to save the money. Therefore the agents have a calculator that can help you analyze the increase in rate. This further ensures that you do not pay any extra charges on unnecessary things.


Unbiased advice

Most of the Medicare supplement agents will be pretty sure of the service they are providing you with. Therefore they won’t force you to make an unnecessary choice. They too will analyze the reports with you and then help you choose the best for you. So, you will know that you aren’t paying extra. The unbiased advice of the Medicare supplement plan agents can actually prove to be pretty helpful.

Out of Pocket Medication Costs: Top 5 Tips to Lower Them

1. Evaluate your drug coverage every year


As per the federal guidelines, Medicare Advantage along with a stand-alone Part D Medicare Prescription coverage might change on a yearly basis. For instance, insurance companies might add medications from a list of drugs that are covered, raise coinsurance & copayments, or even move medicines from lower tiers to higher tiers. Your selected provider must notify you whenever such changes are made so that you don’t have to be concerned about the changes in the drugs list without your knowledge. It is very essential to compare different Medicare plans within the AEP. This will ensure you receive the lowest possible cost based on your chosen medications.  Find a 2019 supplement plan at


  1. Generic medications


Medicare Supplement Plans 2019While you might find a few cases where brand-name medicines are essential, most times lower-priced generic medications could work just as well when it comes to treating your disorder. Sadly, some physicians don’t take into account the drug prices when they writing prescriptions. So, it’s your duty to communicate with your doctor about generic medications. Don’t be shy to ask them about generic drugs which might work just as effectively as brand-name drugs when they’re writing your prescriptions. A few Part D coverages have copayments that can go as low as zero dollars when you utilize generic medicines.


  1. Mail-order pharmacies


If you have a plan that includes mail-order pharmacies within its network, then you would want to compare the costs of utilizing mail order with retail pharmacies. In addition to being convenient, mail order pharmacies might cost you significantly less in long-term. Plus, you can also expect free standard shipping with each of your orders.


  1. Utilize the donut-hole calculator by AARP


This tool helps seniors know how close they’re to reaching their coverage donut hole. It can further assist you in identifying similar drugs that are identical in nature that costs a lot lower than the ones you are already taking.


  1. Consider Medicare Supplement Plans


Although Medicare covers 80% of your bills, you have to deal with the remaining 20 percent costs on your own. Medigap plans are intended to help you cover up the gaps present within your current Medicare plan. You definitely want to consider them to further cut down your expenses on health care in the long run.