Plan G of Medicare Supplement Plans, know the offers and benefits

Medicare Supplement plans G is also referred to as Medigap plan G, and this is one of the 10 standardized Medicare supplement plans mostly available in majority states. Medicare supplement plans is offered by the private insurance companies working in association with Part A Medicare, that refers to hospital insurance and medical insurance covering the Part B. Medicare supplement insurance helps you in paying the costs out-of-pocket for medical services and hospital care under Part A and B Medicare.


However, you must understand that Medigap Plan G is not available in case you are living in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, or Minnesota. These are the three states offering their regular Medicare Supplement plans benefits.


Will Medicare Supplement Plan G be suitable? Find out at

In case you already have Part A and B Medicare, while you are shopping for Medicare Supplement plans to fill the Medicare coverage gaps, Plan G Medigap may suit your needs, based on the needs. Plan G is the comprehensive plans of Medigap, but it may be a higher premium in comparison to the other lesser comprehensive plans.


Generally, Medicare Supplement Plans, Plan G provides benefits such as:

  • Part B Medicare copayments/coinsurance
  • Part A deductible Medicare for the benefit period in 2018 is $1340. Typically, a benefit period begins from the day you are an inpatient admitted to a skilled nursing facility or hospital and this completes when you do not receive care as skilled care Medicare-covered or inpatient hospital in a skilled nursing facility in a row for 60 days.
  • Blood up to 3 pints
  • Part A Medicare coinsurance for hospital costs, here Part A Medicare is not paid for 20%.
  • Hospital care for 365 additional days after Part A benefits is exhausted.
  • The coinsurance or copayment amounts as hospice care are not paid by Part A Medicare


Benefits that Medicare Supplement Plan G offers?

Are you travelling outside the U.S, you must be pleased that Plan G of Medicare supplement plan covers medical emergency care as you travel abroad such that you get approved costs of 80% as per the plans limits.


Plan G of Medicare Supplement plans cover Part B Medicare for excess charge in case you use the health care provider’s services that fails to accept Medicare assignment. Thus it means such providers do not accept the Medicare determined amount as customary and reasonable as payment in full. Even if a doctor denies accepting Medicare, the doctor may be permitted for excess charge, and this is approved by Medicare for an office visit or specific procedure.