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Wake up and shake up! Crossroads Charlotte is proud to present Art in the A.M. This hour long program will feature artists of all mediums whose work connects with and promotes discussion of topics/issues that face our community. Art in the AM events will be held every third Friday @8:00am, so don't miss out!


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Distributed November 16, 2010
Distributed Dec 9, 2010
Distributed Jan 18, 2011

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Start your day with coffee, conversation, and creativity! Crossroads Charlotte’s Art in the A.M. series celebrates its first anniversary at the Mint Museum Uptown with a morning of activities...
The weather is getting cooler but Crossroads Charlotte is keeping it hot with Art in the AM. This month's artists will be Miesha "Ocean" Rice (poet) and The Fatsnacks Band!
Join us for the next enlightening installment of Art in the AM! This month features Quill (poet/hip-hop artist) & members of the band Asleep in the Weeds!

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Crossroads approached Chuck Barger in the spring with what Barger thought was a “bizarre” proposition. Would The Common Market’s (CM) South End location, which Barger co-owns and manages, host live music and poetry on the third Friday of the month? From 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.? He said yes, provisionally. “I said, ‘I have some customers from 7:30 to 8:30, but not... read more

A muggy morning, the sky milky-gray like weak coffee with too much cream, and only a few people at Common Market. The band drags their gear out of a minivan in the parking lot. Stacey’s here with her new husband, Chris. Cool. Q’s not here yet. We wait a while. It’s early yet. This is the new anchor for Art In the A.M., the monthly Crossroads morning art experiment that kicked... read more

A healthy dose of multiculturalism descended on the heart of Myers Park very early Friday, when singer-songwriter Ana Lucia Divins performed at Fabo Café on Selwyn Avenue as part of Crossroads Charlotte’s Art in the A.M. series. Divins, a native of Colombia, was accompanied as dawn broke by guitarist and music producer Alonzo Ordonez of Costa Rica. Both were joined by Carlos Robson,... read more

Customers at Dilworth Coffee's East Boulevard location were treated to a surprise early on the morning of Friday, Feb. 18: For about an hour, Crossroads Charlotte took center stage at the cafe, offering free food, poetry, music and even a little abstract art produced by an area artist. This was the fourth installment of Art In the A.M., a Crossroads initiative that spoken-word poet and... read more

On Jan. 21, more than 35 people came out to Art in the A.M. at Common Market in SouthEnd. The third in a series of monthly Friday morning art sessions, the event makes waking up early on a Friday morning something special. In the house once again was the talented host Quentin “Q” Talley, who greeted the crowd with a free-style song backed by the session's featured band, Ocho Davis... read more

When you think about the arts -- and enjoying them -- it is usually against a backdrop of a night sky. Crossroads Charlotte and Quentin Talley (known affectionately simply as “Q”) have launched Arts in the A.M., a series of one-hour sessions that feature artists of all mediums whose work connects with and promotes discussion of topics/issues facing the community. The sessions are... read more

It was 7:30 on a chilly Friday morning, and the few patrons huddled over their coffee and pastries at Amelie’s in NoDa were startled to hear some unexpected sounds coming from the bakery’s far corner: Spoken-word poetry, jazz piano. A performance? At this hour? Oh, yes. This was a new Crossroads Charlotte initiative, Art In the A.M., hosted by poet Quentin “Q” Talley, who... read more