What are the factors that determine the Medicare advantage plan premium?

The Federal Government has standardised the rules for the Medicare advantage plans. As a result, the monthly premium usually varies depending upon the Medicare advantage plan you will be choose. The companies usually charge the premium depending on the two factors, the type of plan you will be choosing and the company from which it will be buying. There are 10 different Medigap plans offered by the states. The benefits of these plans are usually same in the different places but the price will be different too.


Irrespective of the location and companies you buy the medicare advantage plan from, the benefits will be same, but there will be a slight change in the premium rates. The charge of the price usually keeps increasing each year. As a result, you should check up with the requirements you will be requiring. The monthly premiums are usually set up by the Medicare advantage insurance companies depending on a number of factors. It is for this reason that the price usually varies from one place to another despite the benefits being the same.


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There are several factors that determine the cost of the premium for the Medicare advantage plans



There are many Medicare advantage insurance companies that offer low premium rates to their female customers. As per the normal statistics, women tend to live longer than the men. Therefore, this way they pay for more coverage in the course of their life. They are pretty healthy and thus need to claim for the benefits very rarely.



Tobacco causes severe health concerns, therefore if you’re a tobacco smoker, you will need to pay more for your Medicare advantage plan. Therefore, compared to the other people, the tobacco smokers pay about 10% more premium.



The age also plays a significant role in determining the premium for the Medicare advantage plans. This is because the different companies set up their pricing methods depending on the age of the insurer. If you get the plan in the beginning itself, at the age of 65 you will need to pay less premium.



Other health concerns and inflation has been on the significant rise. It is for this reason that the insurance companies over the time have been increasing their price. Many insurance companies tend to increase the price as compared to the other. So you should initially check for all the costs and compare them before actually purchasing one.